Wednesdays at 8P – Many people say that Donohue’s has the BEST Trivia Night in the Metro Boston Area – Each trivia night teams of six battle for for the top four positions and for their share of $125.00 – It’s only 20 questions but they are toughest and trickiest questions you ever heard – Categories are varied in General Knowledge, Geography, Sports, Movies, Current Events, Music, History, Literature and of course SCIENCE! Plus many many more; all in good clean fun. It’s important to bring a well rounded team to the match – Don’t know the answer; don’t get discouraged the bidding system, especially at the end is the great equalizer; it is at this point the game can change dramatically. COME ON DOWN AND EXPERIENCE IT FOR YOURSELF. First timers, it can get a little tricky to get the hang of; it might be good for you to ask if you could sit in with a team to get the general flow of the game (remember, no shouting out the answers)- I gotta tell you once you’re hooked you won’t regret it. WE’LL SEE YOU THERE!!!